Sunday, August 12, 2018

Well at least the boy has been active.....

 We traveled to Austin, MN about a month ago for the Long Course Regional Championships....he did well in his 15/16 age group and gained a few more state times before the summer season came to an end.

Of course, we had to visit the SPAM Museum too.  And the boy couldn't go home without being outfitted with a SPAM t-shirt and shorts to match.

The following week we enjoyed the STATE LONG COURSE MEET held at the U of MN.  He earned a medal in the 800 and 1500....long events at the long course meet were good to him.  
Congrats Owen!

And finally.......
the last official "swim meet" of the summer.

The state OUTDOOR swim meet was held at Shady Oak Lake in Hopkins.

 The below pictures are a few of his close friends who also swam that was a perfect "weather" day for a 5k swim.

And kudos to their swim club.  Most of the team had left by the time we realized we had won 1st place for team points!  Those that were still around happily accepted the banner and took a quick photo too.

 Above is Owen running through the finish and below the top 4 swimmers in the 15/16 age group.  Owen was pleased to get a 2nd place medal!

Nice job guys!!

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