Wednesday, July 18, 2018

She did it and then I did it again.....

For as long as Makenzie has been in Cross Country she and the girls have had a tradition of drawing a fish and cross tattoo on the ankle before a race.  Its a team thing and its always been done.  When her high school season was coming to an end she starting talking about "wanting" to get that tattoo permanently on her .... yesterday was THAT day...

I just realized I didn't get a picture of the final look but I will when she gets home from work and you will have to stop back to see it....and its REALLY cool so please do!!

So where do you think the girl got the idea to get a tattoo in the first place??

Um, her mom?  YUP!

(On a side note: my oldest daughter already has 3 tattoos....she just turned 21!  I kind of figured it wouldn't be long before daughter #2 decided to get hers done too)

When I turned 40 I got a paw print on my hip...not that I love animals (although I guess I do )and not in honor of an animal passing (although I think of my Rosie still to this day).  No, I got a paw print because at the time it reminded me that a Positive Attitude = Wellness Success (PAWS) thus, a paw print.  I do try to keep a positive attitude but I am human and often fail....especially in the winter.  And Wellness Success?? Well, some days I feel awesome where as other days I am bloated, burping, dizzy, tired, depressed, binging, jealous, mad, and I normal?  I think so.  

My gosh, I am almost 50 and entering premenapause...of course, there are times I am a rollercoaster of emotions we wouldn't have a pulse if we didn't live with emotions.  ;-)

So with all this tallk of tattoos in our house lately it reminded me that I always said I would like to get another one when I turn 50!  I turn 50 in February but since Makenzie wanted to get her tattoo before leaving for Colorado in September I figured I could get one with her, a little early.

And I decided to get some permanent jewlry on my wrist.

 the outline...
 the finished look!

I absolutely love my new tattoo and by the look on my face I guess it didn't hurt much while I was having it done.

 She DID say the anchor hurt more at times.  I think it is because its in a "thinner" skin area of her body.  I have heard that tattoos on feet, throat, and back of the knees hurt most.  The bracelet band going by my writst bone did hurt a little but overall it was fine.

There you have it.

 A little snipet of our afternoon!

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