Thursday, July 5, 2018

How have you been spending your time???

 We were in Iowa recently with our swimmer dude and a few of his swimmer friends.  This Hawkeye happen to be hanging around the pool so I asked him if the boys could take a photo with him and he posed perfectly!! Now I think the boys have a little work to do to look like him (in the muscle department ) that is.  ha!

 The girls!!
Oh my they do grow up fast!
A year ago (yes, June 2017) they heard that a certain "popular" guy may have heard of him.....HARRY STYLES....was coming to MN during his 2018 concert series.  Well, when the tickets went on sale they did not hesitate to buy them.  Talk about patience and NOT needing instant gratification.....I'm pretty sure I have never purchased tickets for something that would take place a year after purchase.  

 So when the date FINALLY arrived it was exciting....I only wish I would have taken photos of them when they purchased their tickets in 2017 and then I could have compared them to the pictures of 2018.  The hour before leaving for the BIG concert!! They were soooo excited.

I am so glad they have the love of concerts to enjoy together and hopefully they will continue to do more and more stuff together.  Of course, as time, school and jobs allow.  **However, like I just read in my book this morning.....time is not the is making the person or event a priority of our time....we choose how to spend our time....we all are given the same amount of time a we spend it shows the priority we are giving to the event.

Well that was a little speech thrown in amongst the flowers and these cute kids.  ;-)

Enjoy your time!

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