Monday, December 18, 2017

It's about time.....

My gosh people where does the time go?  I am actually really getting into this working every day schedule.  And you know what else????  I have been exercising at night!  This is such a new phenomena for me....I am a self proclaimed morning person!

I love mornings.  I am motivated in the mornings.  I WANT to exercise in the morning when the traffic is light and the sun is just rising.  I "USE" to loathe the thought of exercising pass 5PM.........


OMG...I am exercising at 5:30PM, 6:30PM and I have gone to a couple of classes at 7:30PM!! I know right?  How does this happen?

I could call it a winter miracle.  It could be called an "early" Christmas miracle.  Or it could be simply  that my new "depression/anxiety" medications work really well!! (I may vote for the later...? )

So between working, exercising, going to the boy's swim meets, watching Chopped and a few different Holiday Baking shows, and baking a few sweet treats myself I have neglected my online diary.

This last week has been full of firsts too.....

1.  The first time Owen got a 5:18 in his 500 during a swim meet.

2.  The first time Owen dropped 6 seconds and got a 5:12 in his 500 during the next swim meet!

3.  The first time I didn't go to cycle class on Sunday  (in months)because I was mentally exhausted.

4.  The first time I went to bed at 8:30PM on a Saturday night and slept through until 6AM the next morning.

5.  The first time I received a call from Makenzie complaining about the CRV running badly.....and then she asks, "Would putting diesel fuel in the tank cause it to run this way?"  WTF???!?@?#?

6.  The first time I actually witnessed red poop coming out of my because he has been chewing his kennel blanket lately when left in there and YES, it does go right through you....ha!  Kind of like humans eating corn.

7.  And the first time I watched the movie KRAMPUS.  Have you seen it?  It's kind of the "Dark Santa"... a dark comedy because you know this stuff isn't real.  Not bad but not one I will be buying either.

There you have it....a little catch up in my life and trying to be a little WITI too....hahah!

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