Wednesday, December 27, 2017

How I ~ "we've" ~ changed over the years....and these are just a few of the many...

 Soon we will be over come by posts, ads, and information about the latest diet and or exercise machine to get rid of those holiday pounds.  Soon we will all doubt ourself worth based on those extra 5-10-or 20 pounds.  

And soon we may think about a WORD, VERSE, MOTTO that may inspire us throughout the new year and thus motivate us to make a change in our "NOT So POSITIVE HABITS" whatever they may be.  

My thoughts usually drift toward the eating/binging I continue to do and cannot seem to get a handle on over the many, many years I have tried.  In light of these thoughts I began to look at past pictures of myself and definitely notice some photos where I have been less 10-15 pounds and some photos where I am up those 10-15 pounds.  

In simple random order here are just a few ....
can you tell the heavier me vs. the lighter?

 (my hair color changes too )

 (this is my wedding dress....happy it still fit)

I am guessing you can see it too....hard to believe but the random weight does show up.  Although I always seem to have the round cheeks no matter the weight...ha!

So here I am again close to thinking about what another NEW YEAR will bring....

FOR MY PARENTS (as they get older)
FOR MY JOB (changes always happen)

FOR these next couple of months with FREEZING ASS COLD temps...and no matter how much depression meds I may take to help me through the winter it still depresses me when its cold and I can't get motivated to do anything but eat.  

These next few days I am going to continue to think about changes and what will work THIS time so that the fluctuation can level out and I can finally get a grip on this issue with food.  

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