Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Ups and downs lately...

Up:  I think I finally found an ice cream my kids won't like...Java Chunk!  It tastes like coffee with chocolate chunks...Yum to me but not so much for the

Down:  I woke up yesterday morning and like always went into the mud room to feed the dog.  That day however I found the cats sitting like statues right in front of the dryer.  Hmmm?  I fed the dog and turned on the dryer....just kind of curious to see if "something" may come out from behind....sure enough a little gray mouse darted into the closet....

Major Down:  I then proceeded to clean out the closet to get rid of the mouse...and I could not find the mouse anywhere!! So now we have a mouse in the house....time to buy some traps!

Up:  I had a dental appt. this morning and it felt like I was on a girls' outing....the hygienist and I chatted like old friends and then my dentist chimed in too...never had so much fun at the dentist before!

Down:  That same hygienist said she may be moving to South Carolina...I guess our friendship is over.

Up:  We are staying put this Thanksgiving.  No traveling.  No relatives to piss off.  No worrying about where the dog should stay.  No driving.

Down:  The kids don't get to spend time with their cousins because we are staying put......oh well.  ha!

Up:  We are having our Thanksgiving dinner catered!!  (Aka: I don't have to cook!)

Down:  Probably won't have as many leftovers....but that's ok too.

Up:  We are invited to a "Friendsgiving" on Friday night.  And since we are in town we are able to attend....woo hoo!

Down:  It's not really another Thanksgiving feast....we will be having appetizers and drinks but with friends so we are calling it a "Friendsgiving" thanks for friends you know.

Just a little taste of what's been happening around here...take care and Gobble til you Wobble!! Or go out for a walk/run after you have gobbled and napped....the leftovers will tasted so much better than.

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