Sunday, October 15, 2017

The times......they are a changing......

 It happens every year.  We have no control over it.  Sometimes its like clockwork and every 3 months it occurs, sometimes its not and we can be lucky or unlucky by a few days, weeks or dare I say months......No matter what IT WILL COME.  The seasons change and so do we.
Spring is a welcomed friend after a long cold winter.

 Summer flowers, early morning walks, coffee on the deck, and patio happy hours.

Fall brings beautiful colors that no one can deny.

 Winter brings reflection ~ more ways than I could have ever imagined.

This year ~ right here, right now ~ more than ever I am feeling the change.  I can't explain it and I often have no body who understands it but my mind reminds me every.single.second. that it is happening and it hasn't been easy or fun.

Jobs change.  Kids change.  Dynamics change. Vehicles change.  Wants change. Likes change. People change and then they don't.  And in the grand scheme of these changes I know, I KNOW it isn't THAT bad.  

Others are dealing with cancer.

Others are dealing with ALS.

Others are dealing with loss of a loved one.

However, don't let the change of the mind be any less of a suffering then those who suffer from the list above.  The mind can eat away at you like cancer.  The mind can cause you to go limp like ALS.  The mind can have you feeing oh so lost like when you lose a loved one.

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