Sunday, September 3, 2017

Well its done.....

 This was happening last week....some boxes..
 lots of garbage....
and finally...

it was done!

Our oldest didn't go "off" to college.  After graduation she lived with us while trying out a local 2-yr. college.  She didn't find it to be a good match so she transferred to another school and remained at home while working and commuting.  

Then, she confessed to us ~ after a little stressful period of declining health and finding out she has ITP...a blood disorder where cells that should eat only "bad cells" decide the good cells are "BAD" and eat them too....resulting in low platelets.

It was a long spring/summer of 2016 but she finally figured life and blood out.

Now, she is happy.

She works full time and officially became a tenant at a brand new apartment complex approximately 3 miles? from home!! YEA...on all accounts....more pictures of her new place to come.....

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