Friday, August 4, 2017

I've been productive ~ lazy....and.... vacay here we come!

FINALLY....I painted my bathroom cabinets and wall!!!!

My bathroom has bugged me for years and this year I not only got the urge to do it but, the energy too!! I didn't want to have to buy new paint so I used "old paint" colors that I thought would work together with the tile and went for it.

Can you see the wall? 
 It was red....

And now its a taupe color with brown cabinets....ahh, and I love the look of less junk on the sink...if only it could stay that way always.  ;-)

Next up...the kitchen island.
The cabinets were SO tinted because the sun beats in all afternoon on them and have done so for 20 years probably.  (I do try to close the deck curtains by noon but its not always possible and the cabinets had become so rough looking that I finally WENT.FOR.IT.)  

For starters it took about a week to decide on the color.  I just didn't know ~ knowing eventually we would get a new stove and fridge probably in black I didn't want to go too dark.  And you can see our tile is darker too.  But I also didn't want to go too light for fear of spills and showing dirt.  

Our adjoining family area is painted orange and all of sudden it just made sense to do it THE SAME COLOR!! The color flows and again we had it on hand so I didn't have to buy any thing new...I am cheap that way.  ;-)  


After a week of rest....because painting can be exhausting.....
I and Owen decided to go for a 21 mile bike ride....

Why I always open my mouth for these photos I don't know, why Owen looks slightly less enthused I don't know but hey we did it and it was fun!

Then we took a quick trip up north to visit a college with this girl.
Of course, we made sure to stop at one of our favorite spots for beer, chips and pizza!!

What's up next?????

A partial family get away to Duluth with some of the kids' cousins and my sisters.  As usual I think the kids are all WAAAAY more excited than the adults (or THIS adult any way...ha!) but hubby and I have found a couple of tap rooms that even got a few beer awards recently so I know the stop and or happy hour there will make the vacation a little more tolerable.  

Yep, What can I say....
sometimes a little alcohol takes the vacay to another level of enjoyment!!

(Nicole has to work so she will be home with the animals and holding down the fort....the older they get the less "family" trips work with everyone's schedule.  Good thing for family weddings in Colorado so that we ALL can travel and enjoy together soon!!) 

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