Tuesday, August 15, 2017

DIY - Graduation Pictures ??? Why not!!

I don't think this girl was super thrilled with the idea of having her mom take  HER "Graduation Photos"
and only be using an iPhone?  

Really mom??
Who does that?

I do....why?
-because I am cheap
-because these pictures go in books or under a bed 
and may not be looked at again until your 10 or 20 year reunion
-and because grass is grass and a tree is a tree ..... no matter if you are in a backyard or a state park...the location does not matter nor does the amount of money spent!

With that said the following pictures were taken by me on my iPhone 7 Plus.
(I know they are not professional.  Leaves and shadows are part of my work ;-)
Natural beauty. 

Having fun with the hair... 

Love the effortless smile and natural look about this...

Check out those freckles...no touch ups needed here!!

My phone captured this highlight all.by.itself.!!

 And the final two....
Simply sitting on the edge of our back garden...
Just like her!

Oh, and Happy 18th Birthday to her too....
It's on Sunday (August 20th) ~ 

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