Sunday, July 2, 2017

What they are doing, what I've been doing and Purple Corn Flakes???

 Hey guys!! Happy Sunday on this July 2nd kind of day.  First I have got to say the town is so quiet and I kind of LOVE it!! Obviously, half the neighborhood and city went to a cabin or another area to celebrate the 4th of July.  I however did not.  I decided to stay home with the oldest kiddo and get some projects around the house done.  (And I don't really enjoy the large gatherings at my folks house over the 4th or any holiday so its a win-win!!)

And by win-win I mean......Hubby took Kenzie and Owen (in purple shirt below) up north to be with cousins and the family for a few days!  They get to do what they want and I get to do what I want...see win-win!!

 They got in around supper time last night so I believe they all had pizza and maybe a bonfire?  Today he drove to a town about 45 minutes away and played "tourist"....while eating a snack in a dog park.   Although, I don't see any dogs ...

classic boys.....
My dad often calls to give me the latest report on weather or what ever is happening when I am not up there on the "more eventful weekends"....he just called to say hubby and the kids were back.  ;-)  They ate some lunch and are now out on the pontoon/enjoying the lake is a definite when up north!!

Enough about their first 20 what have I been doing??

Well, I took some quick pics of my tire because its been going flat...**insert sad face**
I have been determined to change my bike tire BY.MYSELF.SINCE. LAST.YEAR!

This morning I watched a couple of YouTube videos and then I went to Target to get a new tube.  I purchased the bike last spring from Target so I figured I could get the tube there too.

Success. Kind of....

 I thought my bike had 26" inch wheels....nope they are 28".  ( I bought a 26" tube) But, I didn't realize I bought the wrong size until AFTER I had my wheel off, tube out and then compared old to new.  UGH...(and I didn't take any pictures during this process...Savvy Blogger move there...haa!!) But trust me it happened.  

Rather than go out and buy the 28" tube I decided to blow up the old tube to see if I could find the hole and maybe just patch it.  I did this and then that darn tube stayed inflated!!! SERIOUSLY!!  It acted like a 3 yr. old stealing cookies but saying they didn't when they have crumbs all over their face.  YUP....I felt like the tube was laughing at me.  

I deflated it again and put it BACK in my tire and put the entire wheel back on my bike.  Then I fully pumped it up again.  And guess what???? It appears to be staying full......although, I don't trust it.  (Just like I wouldn't trust that 3yr. old...bwahaha!) 

I am nervous to go biking for fear it goes flat.  I plan on biking a bit close to the house tonight to try it out....and if it goes flat then I guess I will have to take it in for the professionals to check out.  Can't anything just be easy???

What else.....
My Saturday consisted of staining the play set!!! 
It has been years since we stained it ~ again no before picture but this is the after. 
 I am so GLAD to have THAT over with.  

Next up.
After I mowed I always get the urge to cut some you can see below I have two piles of brush/branches they are ready to be burned later.  

Finally has anyone ever seen these?? Some people love cereal and some people love Corn Flakes...OWEN is that person in our house.  A day with out a bowl is just not right so when I was at Sam's Club last week and saw Organic Purple Corn Flakes on sale I had to buy a box.

They were awesome!!

I think they actually stay crispy longer in milk too!! 
If you like cereal, Corn Flakes or the color PURPLE you should give them a try.

I don't think you will be disappointed.


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