Monday, July 3, 2017

What the heck is up with the size of my toe??

Yesterday I posted this picture of my bike tire and when I looked at it more closely I could NOT see past the size of my BIG TOE!!!

 I mean one may think I am retaining water or something??? (no)
 Pregnant? (no)
 Was bit by a hornet and it swelled? .... (Ahhh no!) 

So just now I had to take another photo of my toe ....
and from another angle....
(don't mind the wacko pain chipping)
UGH ...It still looks large!!

I guess when one (me) gains weight over the past 9 months (me again) the excess fat even settles in your toes!! Although, I did just buy new shoes and I am still a size 9 so that hasn't changed.

Ever take a close look at your toes??

Do you have one that seems larger than life?


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