Thursday, July 13, 2017

Running Sucks

 I mean right!!??

Don't get me wrong....this is NOT the time or place to judge me.  It's my blog/personal albeit open diary and I get to have my opinions on certain topics...we all do and its just plain and simple.

Now, lets back up to a week ago.  Hubby and I went downtown to walk around some craft tents and vendors of different type.  (The true reason for heading down was for the Old Car Cruise Night that would be taking place at 6PM but we figured we would go early to "eye our spot" and waste some time).  We were successful at both!!

Wasting time was easy.....the tents had random clothes, candles, knives, newspaper subscriptions, bags, and jewelry....pretty much your typical fair.  However, there was one clothing tent that made me take a second glance when I read "FARGO Clothing Company" From Fargo, ND but made in MN! OMG!! Fargo just happens to be a hop, skip and a jump from MY HOMETOWN.  Now I feel like I have made a connection!!! I checked the t-shirts out and thought ~ cute, but not needed ~ I would pass for now.

Bring on more time to waste......what were we to do???? Hit up the local brew pub of course!  YUM, YUM, and YUM.....after just 2 ~ because at 8.0% and 7.2% alc. in the beers I happen to select two was all I needed to know to stop.  ;-)

And if you are like me when drinking.......I tend to think I all of a sudden NEED THINGS....thus I tend to spend money more freely.....thus I told hubby I NEEDED to go back to the FARGO clothing company and get a shirt.  ha! ha!

In my rather fun loving, happy go lucky, life is awesome mood I read through the printed shirts again and kept going back to "Running Sucks!".  It just made me laugh.  Smile.   And agree ask someone.........anyone..........for example:

Running Sucks .....
 when you lose a toenail
 when your bra leaves chaffing and you forget until in the shower...ouch!
when shin splints hurt
when it starts to downpour after just a block in
on ice
when its super humid and hot
after a night of drinking

THAT IS WHAT I does so I bought the shirt and laugh when I wear it!!
Plus its the softest shirt I think I currently own so I LOVE it!

And although I do think Running Sucks I also think

the bad mood out of me
the mind from negative thoughts
the jiggle from my body
the bad spirits from my being......

For that I find myself smiling at my shirt...
2 words that can have different meanings depending on how you think of them!

And my cow.....
This makes me smile too.  

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