Thursday, July 20, 2017


I have been busy painting my bathroom cabinets.  I have disliked the cabinets for some time now and FINALLY I decided to "JUST DO IT!" My bathroom also got a new paint job (on the walls) but the kids' bathroom walls were fine so I left them for now.

I also practiced drawing my "Cow" picture on my phone in the "notes" area...
frankly I don't think its all that bad.

The boy had a swim meet outdoors two weekends ago and I happen to embarrass him once when I showed up in the team tent and said I wanted to take a picture of him and some friends.  These three boys are brothers (twins and the younger one).  They were so nice to take a photo with Owen and never complained once!

 When hubby got home over the 4th and said he pulled his hamstring (again) I kind of gave him the know ladies in that deep drawn out kind of voice...... and left it at that.  Days later when the bruise showed up I was a little more interested in it and in taking a picture because you don't see black and blue marks that SIZE very often!!!

Happy Thursday!

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