Thursday, June 8, 2017

What I am SO OVER with ........Part 3 and final!

OK lets just do a quick recap and then you can read the older posts if you so choose.  

 #1 The mild concussion I received from our turbulent plane ride and thus the post-concussion symptoms I am still experiencing.
#2 The feeling that I am responsible for my children's everything!!
food choices, exercise, entertainment, friends, learning, behavior, independence, will, performance at school at work or with sports, motivation, cleanliness, rudeness, politeness ok??? Get the point??

#3 and Final because we're moving on people.

My girls, which is becoming more just the middle child, wearing all my clothes.

I guess I should be flattered right?  My daughter is enjoying her last day as a Junior at her high school  and yet she prefers to go through MY closet every day to look for clothes.  What JUNIOR almost SENIOR does that???  And if it were just my closet I may be like, "Meh, no big deal we can share clothes?!" 

But, it doesn't stop there.

Later I go to get dressed.  I decide to wear my black tank naturally I then reach for my black bra....WAIT! It's MISSING!! WHAT>!@$

yup, daughter wore it .... guess I'll pick a new something.

I may choose my pants that I know are a tad too tight in the rear but that's ok because I have a certain pair of "slimming undies" which helps to cover that and doesn't show panty lines....WAIT!!

yup daughter wore them...good thing they were clean.....guess I didn't really want to wear those pants any way.

Now, thank goodness these examples did NOT happen on the same day ~ but they have happened. And they have happened more than once.  

Over the school year (when I am working) I had to start telling her what I would be wearing the next day just to be sure she didn't decide to wear it too.
**this also includes shirts, sweaters, and shoes/boots**

Yes, she has her own clothes.
Yes, we go shopping.

and yes, I tell her IF she needs something new TELL ME~we can go shopping again!

However, I often find she responds with an "It's fine or and I'm fine."

Because of Part 2 pretty much.  I am guessing her thoughts go something like this:

Why go shopping for a black bra when I can wear mom's?

If we go shopping then I can't check Instagram for the 5,000th time...

Shopping does not sound like fun....

Um, no thanks because you usually get mad at me when I take selfies while shopping... 

What, I don't wear your clothes???

So yea, I am over it.  

So I become bad mom for yelling when I find my black bra on HER floor mixed in HER dirty clothes ...REALLY?

Today is the last day of school.
Hoping its not a long summer of teachable moments...
although for one of us it just maybe...

Feeling Freer by the second!

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