Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Well since I woke up at 4AM due to the rainstorm....I was bored.....and this is what I did.....

I read a bit from my NEW favorite book....The Irresistible Introvert.

If you are an introvert 
or if you are should read this!! 

It is spot on with descriptions of how I (we) feel in SO many situations!!

And then I checked on Pinterest....
And oh my was I laughing at a few of these...
So true.

 Yup, that's our girls night out anyway...


And this last one reminded me of many times while I was in high I reacted to my mom asking me to do something (now or in HER time, which means now)

Unfortunately for me that gene was passed down to my kids 
and now I have deja vu moments when I ASK MY KIDS TO DO SOMETHING....and when they don't move for over 10 minutes I just do it myself.  



Just keeping it real over here...
Per usual the rain has stopped and the humidity is killer....thus 

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