Monday, June 5, 2017

Lets just call this "What I am SO over with...." Part 1

I have no other way to start, so lets just begin.....

Yes, this is my personal diary...for whoever may stumble upon and read...with that in mind the thoughts and opinions are completely MY own.  I never claim to be a therapist, I never claim to be a nutritionist, and I would never claim to be a scientist (meh, it rhymed ok?)  But, I do have opinions about life ~ especially when it comes to parenting, jobs, random social media hype, and food.  

** also, I figure peeps don't always want to link back to other information so now and then I give a little back story so you can catch up **

A few weeks ago I was on the MOST turbulent plane ride in my life!! 
I survived (duh) and I also got a mild concussion.
Surviving was sweet...the concussion has been sour.

Random symptoms I am still dealing with include but are not limited too:
1.  Dizziness after "doing too much" which when I say "too much" that doesn't even include exercise. It simply includes chores around the house, running errands, going to church and pulling weeds...I mean REALLY? Too much??? I guess my head thinks so...

2.  Headaches.  Ugh....I never use to get headaches and now if I get dizzy I also get these headaches...again telling me and my body its time to quit everything and REST.

3.  Moodiness...Who wouldn't be right???
I have been waiting for THIS season all year long and now that it is here I cannot even enjoy it to its fullest...but, I am trying to be grateful.  I know, I know, it could be worse...others have it worse....and I had it worse....My symptoms are getting better so be grateful. Period.

4.  This weird new realization that life is too be lived ~  I have NO control how others want to live their life thus I just need to LIVE MY LIFE!!!

and with that I will be back later.....

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