Tuesday, June 27, 2017

I'm still learning and the gang is back together again....

Well, this was Owen's gang for 5 days while in North Dakota.  The kids and two chaperones drove  there to help at the Boys and Girls Ranch (camp)...sorting, painting, cleaning, bonding, serving and......

seeing if you can fit inside a large dog crate!!!

If you happen to notice some dots on these pictures it is because I took photos of them from our church's  website.  I am 48 going on 98 when it STILL comes to technology.  

Seriously, how did I miss this gene in my body?  

(I can read directions and put things together better than hubby but figuring out a phone and computer are SO BEYOND my control ~ good thing I had kids to help me out!)

SO, as I was taking a photo from the computer hubby walks by and says,
 "You know you can just save those?" 
Ah, No?!

Because obviously IF I KNEW that wouldn't I JUST DO THAT??

(this one below looks like I took a picture through 
the screen door or something...nope, just the reflection from the computer screen!)

Now look at the pics below....
see how crystal clear they are??

As the saying goes, 
"You learn something new every day!"
Thank good ness too...

With that Owen is home and back in his "summer routine".
-running camp
-lifting camp
-swimming period.

AKA....this family gang is back together for the week and then we split up again next weekend.

Can we all just take a moment and look at the calendar???

It's July 1st on Saturday...
The 4th of July always signals the half way point of summer around here...

Some of us are going north and some of us are staying put.

We are all looking forward to making the most out of our decision of who, where, and how we will be celebrating Independence Day.  Specifically making "Independent" choices is key.

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