Thursday, June 15, 2017

I think sometimes I LOVE TOO MUCH ~ I just show it in funny ways.....

It's summer vacation and since I work at a preschool that follows the school district's calendar I have summers off with the kiddos.  This can be good for when I am needed to run the youngest to his activities or just to simply get things done.  But this can also be bad.  Too much time together can make one or two lazy and can result in my MOM voice coming out!

The good times are Great!!

The bad times are NOT so great and after my mom voice has been unleashed it usually ends with kids  running to their respective rooms, dashing to the basement, or the silent treatment / complete ignorance between all.

 Some times we are happy ..... even though the oldest often refuses pictures I still get a few.

The oldest is 99.9% moving out this fall.  
She has lived at home all her life and just turned 20.  She didn't go away to college so she has never experienced any time on her own.  She is definitely CRAVING her own place!! 

I cannot blame her.

However, she has had her share of health scares.
Last year she was in and out of the hospital  A LOT.

She is doing much better and simply in a better place with work and life stress.

She currently has a lead position with PetSmart and LOVES her job.  She has always loved her time spent with animals and even though her new apartment has a no-pet policy she will still get plenty of pet time at work.  

After all the apartment is temporary and pets are forever.....her time will come.

So when I say I LOVE TOO MUCH ~ I mean my MOM voice is meant to teach, share, help and encourage each of my kiddos to be the best they can be.

It is meant to give them tips on cleaning up and picking up after themselves.

It is meant for life lessons.....learn how to interact with others who don't always agree with you.

It is meant for thankfulness.  I will honestly tell you what I think while many out there will fake it.

It is meant for growth.  There were many years of sweetness but now reality can be sour.  

The mama bird doesn't feed her baby worms forever.

The mama bird doesn't let her baby sit in the nest forever.

The baby has to figure out those things called wings.  They need to fly ~ they need to be able to find food on their own and they need to be able to get away from danger and KNOW when danger is present.  

Does the mama bird love her baby?? YES, of course.  Just like I love mine.

Kiddos if you are reading......


With that said, I want you to be the BEST YOU possible.

God put you here for a reason and a season.

Don't let another season go by ~ by sitting on your phone, by watching Netflix, by scanning YOuTube, or your life!!!

Only you are truly responsible for the outcome of your life.....
PLEASE remember that!!

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