Wednesday, June 21, 2017

And just like that he is gone again......

Remember when this boy was JUST walking down the chute to board his plane to Washington DC???  Well, that came and went.  He got home and has enjoyed roughly a week of summer vacation.........which in his mind is NOT summer vacation at all.........

Owen's schedule most days looks something like this:  
1.  8-9:30 am Summer Running with the fall Cross Country team
2.  10:20 - 12:30pm  Monday thru Thursday Strength Training at school
3.  4-6PM Swimming.

Some days he can opt to skip summer running and go to the outdoor pool swim session from 8-10am...its a lot of extra running for mom here but its nice to have the option because he does need the practice in the outdoor pool before his couple of meets in July.  (They are at outdoor facilities so practice with the sun, wind and other elements is a necessity!!)

As you can see he IS busy but he DOES have down time.  HE however feels he does NOT have ENOUGH "Down Time" aka...playing Xbox with cousins and friends.  hahaha! 

Seriously, if the boy wasn't busy he would spend each and every waking moment playing video games....but, since he does have some strenuous activities I think its totally ok to let him chill in between with the Xbox.  That is what I like to call portion control....little bit of everything is just fine!

Well today is a new day and a new adventure for the boy........

He left with 2 chaperones and 4 other kids (yes, small group but some are better than none) from our church and he is headed to North Dakota.   This is a mission trip to help out at a Boys and Girls Club Camp.  They will help sort clothing at their thrift store which is run by the camp.  They will be getting sweaty and dirty by helping to paint some buildings and they will participate in some camp activities with the kids who are attending camp this week.

This is HIS first type of "mission trip" like this.  I think it will be a great opportunity for the kids from church to bond some while driving the 5 hour road trip and for the group to help others in a way they wouldn't normally do so.  

I can't believe he is gone again for 5 days!!

There is definitely a different feeling around the house when he is gone.  Whether he is gone over night at a friends' house or gone for days like this.  It's quieter.  It frees up my time a lot!  It almost feels like I'm an empty nester.  Or a practicing one for sure.  The girls both drive and kind of do their own thing....Owen being the baby at 14 still gets most of my attention whether he needs it or not ....maybe I just need to know I can still tell someone that its time for him to go to bed.  ha!

I know he will have fun.

I know he will come home with stories.

I know he will be serving others which is simply wonderful at that.

I know he will be back before we know it.....

And I know this is what SUMMER VACATION is all about!!

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