Wednesday, May 3, 2017

This IS Hard....

Well, that weekend was NOT what I had planned........the drive to DL, the over night at the hotel, the wedding, the surprise 75th birthday party for my dad and then the drive home.  It all seems very simple, fun and full of wonderful memories......however, a simple "check on Facebook" Sunday morning changed all that.

I did what most probably do.  I turned on my phone and starting checking around different social media apps.  I only have three.  Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.  When Facebook opened and I read the words that went something like this:

"Well, as some of you have heard by now I am said to say its true, my beloved friend Taylor George died on Saturday."  I still get choked up even typing it out......

I quickly text a friend...could it be true?  We were just discussing his health days ago.  The cancer had come back yet again.  This time in his upper hip....would they have to remove his entire leg to hope for more time?  What would he decide?  How much time did he have to make THAT decision.....

Days passed and then HE PASSED.

So young.  He was 41.

He fought.  It started with a pain in his upper thigh muscle.  (Being a huge cyclist and VERY athletic person he figured he pulled or strained a muscle....really bad.)  Eventually an MRI would tell the was SARCOMA..CANCER.

Married.  Husband to my friend and cycle instructor at my Y.

Father.  To three boys.  Ian 11, Cole 9 and Reid 7....I think but, if I am wrong, I am only a year off here or there on their ages.  (I feel like I helped raise those boys since she brought them in to Kidstuff to play while she taught or worked out herself)

Today was his funeral.

I have been to a number of funerals.  My Mother and Father -in law.   Both sets of Grandparents.  A brother -in law.  Other friends and parents of close friends.  Funerals are hard but when they live to be 90 or even 98 like one of my grandma's they are a little easier to accept knowing they lived a full and long life.

HIS funeral TODAY was the hardest one I have been to yet.

Seeing those boys cry.

Seeing those boys hang tight to their mother's hand while walking next to their dads coffin.

Seeing those boys running around with their baseball friends....who ALL came wearing their jerseys' that Taylor had just coached them in last year.

Seeing Heather (his wife) hug person after crying person to ease our aching heart as hers was aching also.

It was so hard.

Cancer doesn't pick only the ugly, the mean, killers, crooks, or doesn't care if you take the best care of your body by exercising daily, eating the right WHOLE foods, or by being a great servant of the lord all the days of your life...CANCER SUCKS.

It will take whomever it wants.

The sermon today emphasized that God choose him.  Not the cancer.  God knows he is faithful.  God uses the best ones for his purpose.  God LOVES Taylor and now Taylor is back with his father.

Reid-the youngest told the pastor previously...."Dad always said he wanted to get to know God better...I guess now he will get his chance".  

Kids can put it in perspective when its so hard to do so.

Every word I read about Taylor brings tears.  Every story shared on Facebook bring tears.  Every picture friends post brings tears.

This is hard....

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