Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Things I have learned in the past weeks..

1.  If you think you have vertigo and your co-workers tell you ~ you have vertigo ~ but YOU feel like there is "something else going on" get it checked out.

2.  Vertigo can be a sign of a concussion.

3.  You can get a mild concussion from any jostling of your head.  Specifically you can get it from 20 minutes of bad plane turbulence.

4.  Do you see where this is going???????  I got a mild concussion!

5.  Concussions are not fun.  They leave you looking completely healthy and feeling completely helpless.

6.  Some symptoms of a mild concussion include but are NOT limited to (because every body is different.....remember that always and in everything you do....)
   *nausea*fatigue*headaches*dizziness*fever*sweats* moodiness....these can be more or less severe depending on what you are doing and they can last a few seconds or minutes to almost hours where eventually you just sleep it off.

7.  I slept the first 3 days .....almost round the clock....

8.  I am doing 95% better now with just the occasional headache or dizzy spell that comes on when I move too quickly or do too much (ex. chores around the house or normal "spring" clean up outside)

9.  Random You Tube videos the kids watch drive my brain crazy.....too much excitement, too loud, too pitchy, too busy......#Moodiness sets in.

and the #10 thing I learned in the past few weeks.............

LISTEN to YOUR body.  It actually knows when it needs to rest and that is all you can do for it!!!

(Also have patience....which is hard for this girl on a sunny 70 degree day when all I want to do it be outside ~ especially after waiting through the long winter for JUST THIS kind of day....but I have also learned once I am completely more being "lazy" for "lazy" sake.

When you feel good ~ DO good.  Don't waste the day!!!)

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