Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Just a quick update before I get that dizzy crap back....

So we flew to NYC on Friday, May 5th.
The turbulence on the plane was horrible due to a storm in New York.
After 30 minutes of jarring and shaking every which way (which then led to 5-6 people puking all at once~ ME being one of those) we were rerouted to Albany to "wait it out" for about 4 hours.
Finally we made it to Times Square!!

 It was fun to see where the New Year's action really takes place.

 The next day hubby had meetings with the planning conference so I walked to Central Park and got a total of 15 miles in for the day.
(exhausted by 10PM!!)

 The next day (Sunday) was a boat tour...we met a certain lady....

 and saw some locals playing soccer right by the Hudson River.
It was kind of overcast and the boat was rocking....not great after being bounced around in the plane Friday night but what do you do?

By Monday we were set for an all day adventure to Asbury Park in NJ.

This was probably my favorite stop!

We took a ferry to Jersey, caught a bus for 1.5 hours and ended up taking the walking tour around Asbury....then did it along again to go home.

The trip was great but for a girl who gets motion sickness from car rides it was not the best for my head of stomach.  We got home and I have been dealing with Vertigo ever since....plain and simple it sucks.  

Time to go because too much computer time starts to give me a headache and gets me sick/dizzy too....good thing I finally have an appointment this afternoon.

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