Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Diary post.....

I am posting today because "MY DIARY" should NOT go over a week without an entry.  ;-)

Yes, I feel busy....

Yes, I feel less "stressed" about some things....(the weather over the weekend COULD NOT have been MORE PERFECT to be out and enjoying SUN time!).....the SUN always makes me feel better and being able to pull the dead flowers from last fall, clean up some leaves, and spray paint a garden fixture kind of brightened my day.  ;-)

These next few weeks are going to be SO FULL of ups and downs, hills and valleys, highs and lows....I mean however you want to say it ~ it works.

Just to name a few ~

1.  Owen turns 14 tomorrow.  The boy is getting older and I cannot stop it.  He is taller than me, his feet are bigger than mine and I actually think he prefers video time over mom time....something is NOT right here.

2.  Our van is having issues.  Ever since Kenzie hit the stop sign in January the front bumper/tire area hasn't been the same and now its going back into the shop on Friday.  We totally need a vehicle for her but the thought of putting more money into this 200,000 mile Odyssey is daunting.....and the thought of shopping for another used car to replace it is scary.

3.  We are heading north this weekend for my cousins wedding and then to surprise my dad with a 75th birthday party.  Fun-yes, but the thought of being around my family for the weekend is a making me a little apprehensive too.

4.  Then its MAY!!! The month of MAY seemed so far off when we talked about going to New York in its around the corner and our trip is a little over a week away....YIKES!! Very excited and nervous about this one for sure!!!

5.  When we get back we have 3 nights -in a row-full of school activities ......Hmmm, can we say we may be a bit tired by mid-May??? Sure....would I want it any other way??? No.  It's all good!

There you have it diary.....a little catch up and now I better be off to work......

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