Wednesday, March 1, 2017

You know you're old when......

I listen to talk radio now and the title of the last airing I heard was just that ~ 

before I enlighten you with my new knowledge of old age I will let you enjoy a couple of pictures from "the day before my" birthday breakfast.

 We visited a place called "Black coffee and waffle bar".  They have a location in St. Paul and Minneapolis and we found the St. Paul one was a bit closer so we were off.  I think the only word I have to say is YUM!

OK ~ oh how I digress when it comes to food...

How do you know when you can
 officially say you are "old" or entered the "older aged group"?

1.  You get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom
2.  You wake up in the middle of the night, go into the bathroom and forget why you are there.
3.  When you have to scroll waaaay down the list when filling out your age on the computer in order to find the YEAR you were born!
4.  When "Going out to eat" means "I will meet you at 3 for happy hour, so that I can be home by 7....before it gets late"
5.  When you go out after 9PM and realize you are the oldest one still out.
6.  When you gain weight and don't care
7.  When you would rather meet for brunch than dinner.
8.  When 80's music is consider an oldie but a goodie.
9.  When you hear a song from the 90's and others call it a "Classic"
and the #10 reason?????
10.  When you listen to talk radio!

And these were just the top 10 I could remember....the "radio personalities" had listeners phoning in to give more examples but I was too busy shaking my head in agreement and laughing to remember any more.  

Yes, people I am officially old!!

And I have 3 animals staring at me in agreement!

Can you relate???

It's ok if you don't ~ I am old ~ I won't remember!

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