Sunday, March 12, 2017

Confession Sunday

Don't we all need a little confession session now and then?  Well, today is the day to dump .........

Confession Sunday:

1.  I have been and continue to be an emotional eater...I can't stop this cycle...

2.  Lately my go to has been bags of chocolate chips.  (and butterscotch chips ;-(

3.  I am cheap

4.  Because I am cheap I have huge issues with throwing foods away.
(it would be wasting money or so my brain thinks....but it would also be saving me calories/fat....although in the moment I think wasting money is I eat it)

5.  I have huge issues with 
and lately it feels like its getting worse!
Every time I go outside and its the least bit cold, or I carry a gallon of milk, or hold a cold bottle of water my fingers turn white.  They stay this way for 15-20 minutes...they feel like they are being stabbed with tiny needles for about 8 of those minutes while they transition back to normal...I have wanted to cry because of it lately too.  I get REALLY depressed in the cold and THIS makes it worse.
(So #1 and #2 have been horrible in most clothes are tight!!!)

6.  I am going to quit my Y job this Friday when I go in.  That way my 2-week notice of resignation will end exactly at the end of the month. ;-)

7.  I haven't worked out since Thanksgiving....I have no gumption to do so and I don't even care.

8.  I am pretty bitchy today.

9.  Owen had another mole removed this past Friday and now I have made an appointment to have one removed thats on my about fun times around here.

10.  UGH!!!

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