Wednesday, February 1, 2017

It's finally FEBRUARY!!!

Do you have a favorite month?? 

If I would guess I would have to think most people would say their FAVORITE month would be that of their BIRTHDAY month. Right?  

But what if your birthday falls during a "season" that you very much dislike?

Even if that month is the SHORTEST one of all....

Even if that month is known for LOVE, LOVE, and all things LOVING....

Even if that month celebrates 2 presidents that are probably the 2 best known and most recognizable ones EVER......

Even if that month is home to the ONE and ONLY GROUNDHOG DAY.....(tell me what other month/day makes national news if a ground hog sees his shadow or not?)

and finally ....

Even if that month can brag that it is home to the biggest sporting event of the YEAR ~ EVERY YEAR~ Yes, I am talking about the SuperBowl.........

I know right???? Who knew February was so cool!!! Shouldn't February be everyone's favorite month based on those facts!! YUP~one would think.  ha!  I would like to take a survey someday and ask people this very question....I would also like to bet someone that NO ONE would even mention February as their FaVoRiTe.

Simply is MY BIRTHDAY month....and it is NOT my favorite.

~ It is cold

~It is cold

~It is cold

But on the upside ~ it is very busy with swimming functions and other random happenings so I am praying that it flies by and bring on MARCH!

****On that note 10 days until I turn 48!****
 Family take note.....ha!


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