Friday, February 24, 2017

Finally....not sure why it was having issues?????

Right now my blog is like my life .... 
I am having a few issues ~ with both.

I got a new iPhone 7Plus a few weeks ago.  
**insert smiley face**
I have been wanting a new/bigger phone for a while now.   Once hubby and I officially bought our tickets to NY ~for our trip in May~ I knew it was time to seriously start looking.  I had saved some Christmas money and used some birthday money and decided to bite the bullet and buy it a little early and I love it!!

Although I am a little slow ~ I realized today I haven't uploaded any recent pictures to the computer since the purchase ... became the day to do it.  

I am not sure why but the upload from my phone to the computer went perfect ~ woohoo! However, when I went to upload the photos to this post it wouldn't download???? After waiting 10 minutes or so and pushing THE button a lot more times than I probably should have ~ it finally worked.

(And they downloaded quite quickly if I do say so)

So ~ finally a few pics of my life lately...

This is one of many Valentine's I received from a preschooler....but this one happens to be my favorite (don't tell the others) the old fashion look with the trim.

 I went north last weekend to see my parents and family.
While at my sister's house she opened this bottle of wine....
The photo was taken so I wouldn't forget it.

When I asked Owen if I could take his picture in his "prelim section/state warm ups" he gave me THE LOOK....
then, he got up and gave me the side smile.

Good boy! 

Section "prelims" were yesterday in Rochester...
hubby and I went a bit before the start so we could have lunch there.

We saw a couple of billboards advertising great burgers at Newt's Bar and Grill.
It did not disappoint.  

 And finally a few pics from my viewpoint...
top photo Owen is in the middle sporting his black warm ups from top to bottom.

Owen still doesn't want to let go of his pants....ha!

And he is fully dressed again..ha!
(this time he is middle left ~ you can probably figure it out)
Owen is in 8th grade and has a typical 8th grade build ~ thin, not yet hit puberty, tall and lanky kind of build~ the guy in the lower middle sporting the speedo is in 10th grade and is our best swimmer...he has hit puberty and actually has the build of an olympic swimmer minus the height...ha! 
The difference in boys and their build is crazy..

Owen did swim even though these pictures don't show it...its way too hard to get a decent picture when he is swimming without a big camera and a nice action lens so I don't even try anymore.

Tomorrow is the section finals.
Top 16 swim in each event with the top 8 being in the Championship swim and the bottom 8 being in the consolation swim...the overall winner and anyone who swims a "State Time" advances to state the following weekend.  

Good Luck to all ~ 

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