Tuesday, February 21, 2017

10 days in.....

That is I am officially 10 days in being 48 and YES, I have to say it is still going great!  ha! (I guess the only way it wouldn't be going great is if I were dead....that would be not so great....)

I feel I have definitely become more ME.  How do you ask??? Well, let me share.....

1.  In the past if something someone said or did really bugged me I may have become irked by it and let it fester inside by thinking and rethinking about it constantly.  Now, in a "Ms. Witi nice" sort of way I say something.  "Why do you feel that way?"  "You say I shouldn't judge but then with your words...etc...you are really judging..."

2.  I am trying to appreciate people for their uniqueness.  I know none of us like being told we are fat, ugly, rude, or have ZERO empathy....even if its blatantly true! Still I kind of think we know it to a fault ~ how could one not know when he or she is obese or how could one not see those who care and do so much for others compared to those others who still care (don't get me wrong) but just don't show it or may not do as much to prove it.

3.  I am trying to do things because I want to do them....not because others want me to do them.  Yeah, sometimes I tag along because a daughter may really want me to but if its a major NO in my brain then its probably going to be a major NO thanks coming out of my mouth.

4.  I am testy.  If you step on my toes I may just step on yours. period.

5.  Ahhh....well, right now 4 things is enough....I don't want my hubby who may be reading to be laughing too hard or shaking his head too much with all my disclosures.  ;-)

How about you??? Think about your life....what or how have you become more you lately??

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