Sunday, January 15, 2017

What I posted on my Facebook today.......

WHY? In light of so many people questioning so many "things" these days I thought I would include I few things I still question myself....

1. Why can't I feel safe letting my child walk home from school when its within 2 miles and I may not want to pay money for busing?

2. Why do I hesitate when my kiddo wants to ride his bike to the gas station for a "treat" alone?

3. Why don't we show respect to people? Period.

4. Why do people abduct others?

5. Why do we support athletes making millions upon millions when others can barely make a mortgage payment?

6. Why do we "turn the other cheek" so to speak when SOME of those same athletes hit, get in fights, set a bad example to young kids with their words and general disrespect so often?

7. Why has college become so expensive that the average student often drops out or graduates so in debt its scary.....and yet, we support million dollar sports facilities to be built there and coaches to be paid millions to coach there?

8. Why do we give so much attention to actors/actresses who are being paid millions and TALK a good talk? 

9. Why don't we give more attention to the POOR and low income to help them out of poverty so they can walk a good walk?

10. Why do we have rallies upon rallies, marches, walks, etc.....when nothing seems to change and some times the simple act of bringing others together for a cause heightens energy on both sides, where words are exchanged, spit may be thrown, and before one knows it garbage cans are set on fire, cars are overturned, looting and rioting takes place?

11. Why can't we come together to truly make a change!?

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