Monday, January 9, 2017

Tuesday Tangents Eve....(You know kind of like Christmas Eve just "Tangent Style"....

Oh MY Goodness!!
I have become a winter driving ANXIETY ridden FREAK!!
 This is Kenzie....but I feel like I just want to lie on the floor and bawl.  UGH.  I won't do that but I will have a beer to "let go of" some of my panic attack, heart beating, head ache feeling, stomach churning, kind of anxiety.

I literally work less than 2 miles from my house and today we received about 1.5 inches of fresh snow.  Most would think NO BIG DEAL right?? No, not me!!! I heard from many parents while they were picking up their children from preschool to DRIVE SLOW!

It's slippery out there.

35 W is closed due to a major accident....(another few miles from my work)

My daughter still isn't home and last Monday we got an ice storm....she hit a stop sign while out driving.

Yea, to say I am kind of a freak when it comes to MN winter driving is an understatement.

I was suppose to work at the Y tonight but, I knew I just couldn't go back on the roads .....

I have never had a heart attack but at that moment my heart was pounding so hard that I am sure that is what it kind of feels like.

I called in to work.  I TRUTHFULLY told them I think I am having a slight panic/anxiety attack and can't come in.


Speaking of heart issues.......
this is the one picture my sister sent me of my dad a few days after Christmas ..... his blood pressure skyrocketed and he earned himself a night in the ICU.

He is doing much better now and is home....ugh...this heart stuff is scary business.

I recently wanted to add more color to my living room.

I love my new bull picture.....

It's bright,
It's big,
It's one heck of a conversation piece!

(I guess now I should invite someone over to start a conversation with..ha!)

I hope the weather is nice in your area. 
 I can't wait for April 1st!!

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