Friday, January 6, 2017

On the Twelve days After Christmas.....a new twist on an old family gave to me....

(Did you know that today is REALLY the 12th day after Christmas....January 6th...who knew??  Of course, when I realized THAT fun fact I thought it would be cute to put together my list of "gifts" that my family ~ aka...anyone in the world who is around me including but not limited to Mariah Carey....ha!

However,  instead of going through the entire song I will be giving you a shortened and "quick to the next day" version.  I think you will get the idea......)

On the 12th Day after Christmas my family gave to me:  

12 LOADS of LAUNDRY......(Jan. 6th)

11 candies eaten, I mean I just didn't want my kiddos to be tempted.....(Jan. 5th)

10 Anniversary wishes to my parents~on their 53rd Anniversary...(Jan. 4th)

9 degrees below zero~It's actually worse but whatever.....(Jan. 3rd)

8 tears I am crying ~ It's my last day of vacation...(Jan. 2nd)

7 HAPPY NEW YEAR'S!!! ....(Jan. 1st!)

6 Deadly singing moments for Mariah ~ spare us please!...(Dec. 31st)

TO THE LIQUOR STORE!!!! .....(Dec. 30th)

4 Pounds gained ~ yes, I drank and ate too much..(Dec. 29th)

3 High blood pressure readings for my dad, which got him a trip to the ER and an overnight stay at the hospital.....ugh! (Dec. 28th)

2 extra days off for hubby ~ lots more eating and drinking.... (Dec. 27th)


1 ticket to drink BEER ~ OUTSIDE!!
in MN......
(It's called the "Beer Dabbler"...local craft tap rooms and brew pubs will be OUTSIDE serving up beer to those who are crazy enough to buy a ticket and freeze their butt, fingers, and toes off while drinking COLD Beer....)

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