Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 is history! (I am ok with that!)

(If you may have read this yesterday I had some cool quotes on top that I found and they are gone??? Weird!!) 

I don't know about you but I am ok with 2016 being over.  Yes, over all it was a good year.  No big obstacles or set backs along the way but it was a year of surprises and challenges no matter how one may feel.  

Lord knows I will not be able to remember most things from the past year.  Most days I can hardly remember the previous day or hourly activities.  However, I will try to highlight the memories that stood out most to me.

FUN February: Owen swam for the high school swim team and lettered during the Junior Varsity Sections in the 500 freestyle.

March to AZ:  Yes, hubby had a National Planning Conference in Arizona and I decided to join him on the long weekend away.  It was our first time to take a "real" vacation since our honeymoon and the sun was a wonderful getaway.

APRIL: Spring is here and I can't remember anything specific but I am pretty sure we celebrated Easter with an egg hunt, going to church and eating a few jelly beans along the way.

MAY:  OH, MAY (go away!) The very first week in May Nicole was sick and actually passed out twice in front of me.  We had a trip to the emergency room and soon discovered she has a blood disorder.  The specific name is ITP.  You can read more about it here.  It was a long and scary May only to become a longer and somewhat scary summer.

JUNE ~ JULY: I kind of feel these months went by in a blur.  Nicole was in and out of the hospital.  Another ER visit and over night.  Plasma transfusions and lots of steroids made up these two months.  Hubby and I hit up a lot of happy hours and trips to Detroit Lakes were mixed in here and there.

AUGUST:  Finally, we would take our first family trip to Wisconsin Dells Waterpark.  The weather cooperated and our family and friends joined us.  Turns out the trip included my cousins and aunt from Indiana and some friends/family from DL.  A total of 23 (if I remember correctly) hung out together for 4 days of water fun.  Hubby went back early with Nicole to head north for a golf tournament with his brother and nephew and the rest of us headed home.

The rest of the year was back to school, fall sports, a couple of trips north and a lot of mental anguish.  

My mind kind of spiraled downward after Thanksgiving and I couldn't get out of the slump I was in.  I don't have a great track record during the holidays so that and the onset of very cold weather didn't help much.  But, hey we got thru it!!! Whew!  

I did make a doctor's appointment and had every blood test I (and the doctor) could think of that may possibly be contributing to my ~ dare I say ~ depression.  AND wouldn't you know it every.single.test. came back negative.  AKA....there was nothing in my body attributing to my mind set.....guess it was all in my head.  No pun intended.  ;-)

I now know I am fine.  (Reasonably speaking hahaha!) I need to take control and make my attitude change IF I don't want to have it change with the use of medicine that is.

So its a NEW YEAR PEOPLE......It's time to live each day with an attitude of gratitude.  I am going to try to be happier for the little things.  

Sometimes the little things bug the hell out of me but hey, its easier to tackle the little things then the bigger things like sickness and death.  (Especially with all the celebrity deaths that happened at the end of 2016) Yikes! Scary....


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