Thursday, December 15, 2016

Today's the day!!! The envelope with ALL the tests results was in the mailbox............

Lets just start by saying when I saw that envelope I was very a little  nervous.

 All my questions would be answered in moments.........

Am I menopausing for REAL? 

Am I Vitamin D deficient?
Do I have a thyroid problem?

On and On and On.......

And guess what the results showed???

I am perfectly normal!! All my tests came back in the normal range and it even stated.........
You are not in menopause yet.  

What the?? Damn I really am NUTS.
In a good way I guess.

I mean yes, its nice knowing I don't have anything wrong with my counts but, come on people!! Can't something be a little hight or low??  Why does it always have to come back to ME.  

Simply ME.
My head.
My thoughts.
My Anxiety?
My Depression?

I hope you know as I do too that anxiety and depression is VERY COMMON!

I am going to begin tackling this "mind thing" by calling a family meeting and talking about it ~ openly and honestly.  I think the next time we may all be together is Sunday morning (while frosting Christmas cookies) I can't think of a better conversation starter than Anxiety and Depression.


Nothing says Merry Christmas like that!

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