Monday, December 12, 2016

pictures from our church's children's program over the weekend.....

I know these girls hardly look like "children" but, since we have a group of great youth in grades 9-12 they are added to the program.  They sang a few songs and this year they seemed especially good.
Makenzie is on the far right. ;-)

And right before the final service the kiddos were lining up in the gym.
I grabbed these three for a quick picture.  
Owen is in the red sweater and he has been in Sunday school and now confirmation with Anna and Caleb for as long as I can remember.   
My how they have grown!

Owen and Caleb had a little acting part along with singing with the 5th -8th grade group.
Hmm...reminded me of the "mannequin challenge" happening everywhere these days.

Another mom got a picture of the whole group and the program director.  
Can you pick out the director?
I swear she looks like one of the kids.
(second row far left just in case you didn't notice)

Super great weekend of listening to beautiful songs in church.  I love seeing and hearing all the practice snippets come together so nicely.  It kind of gets me all choked up inside to be part of the growth of these kids.  Crazy how life works like that.

Besides the program Owen also had a swim meet Friday night...he PR'd in the 500 freestyle.  WooHoo Owen!! It was very exciting to watch and he earned his time of 5:34.

Hard to believe we are coming upon the final weekend before Christmas.  This weekend will involve another swim meet and making cookies.  I suppose I better do some shopping in between there too since we have only one thing bought for Owen so far and CHRISTMAS is  oh so close now....

Have a great week peeps.

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