Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Randoms from my phone

 Kids busy making their "hand turkeys" to hang on our Thankful Tree....because I like to keep them busy and make them do something other than stare at their phones.....
 I got in on the activity too....and once again I proved that I cannot take a normal picture with a normal smile.  Although, the el'natural look I am sporting could be part of the problem too...

 And waalaa...the tree is up with our turkeys hanging proudly front and center.  When hubby got home I had him make a turkey too....its hanging on the tree so I guess I better get a new picture since we also make the old fashion paper chains to decorate it too.  ;-)

Then I had them compare their current hand turkey to the ones they made in first grade.  I think Owen's hand has grown the most....and he is the youngest of the three.

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