Monday, October 31, 2016

You know you're getting old for Halloween when.....

you are scheduled to work at your very, very part time job and DO NOT request it off.

(But,  it was so quiet that I was asked to leave an hour earlier than my regular shiftend)

You know you are forgetful when.....
your family carves 4 pumpkins and you only take a photo of one!!  
(This was Owen's creation...with a little help from me.)

 You know you are amazing when....
you help your boy pull together an awesome "last year to trick and treat, so I am not buying anything new for your outfit" kind of costume. 

Rocking the Hulk!

 You know you raised your child right when......
she is just hanging out on the steps waiting for the next trick or treater!
(instead of being who knows where doing who knows what)

That's our Halloween a pumpkin!

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