Monday, October 17, 2016

Weekend overload at our new Favorite tap was a Grand Opening I won't forget.

Victoria, MN

 I even sported the t-shirt and hubbies glasses.
 Getting the "tour" from Jason the Brewmaster...
 Downstairs was the bar brought over from the old tap room....
I made hubby sit by it for a quick pic.
 More photos from upstairs....
 A photo of the backyard....
food trucks, bean bag toss, bands 
 The bags under my eyes are getting bigger and pie eyed for sure!

I don't remember this photo but I think its one of my favorites since I don't look too old.

By overload I mean I had too much to drink and I am too old for that.  It is our favorite local beer right now but it is also a mean 40 minute drive.  Which sucks when you have had too much beer.

It's painted a very gold and grey.  Grey was probably chosen to dull the GOLD.  Their first beer crafted is named Victoria's Gold.  It's named after the city of course, and its a Cream Ale so very golden in color; thus the GOLD paint inside.

Believe it or not this happens to be the same color of our old family cabin.....

and since the sale of the cabin a couple of years ago hubby has painted a room in our basement that same gold color.  Needless to say we were feeling VERY AT HOME in the new ENKI tap room.

(A bit too much I guess......)

We (I) survived.  I may not drink any time soon but we will see.....right now it is the one thing that brings some anxiety/stress relief to me while I am trying to figure out so many crazy thought running through my head each and every moment of the day.  

Why must I question everything?

Why can't I just roll with things?

Why do I let things bug me?

Why don't I want a supervisory type role in life when my insides are screaming to tell others what to do?

What is my purpose?

Where do I belong?

I am contemplating a lot of stuff right now......I need a "thinking spot"....just so it doesn't become my "drinking" spot too.  ha!

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