Wednesday, October 12, 2016

My favorites...that color....a photo bomber....and what is wrong with me???

 Recently, the family went out together.  I know right?  All five of us together...its a rare thing these days and its even more rare when daughter on the left will allow me to take her picture.  We went to a local apple farm but we didn't read the fine print on line before getting there.  Yes, it is an apple farm but no, we cannot pick our own apples.

They had them picked already in bags for purchase.  And they were kind of spendie if I do say so myself....however, we bought a bag of their locally grown ones and a jar of pumpkin butter.  They also had caramel apples, apple butter, pies, fudge and such.  Then we were off to Northfield for some walking, shopping and dinner.

 My friend and I also went to a craft beer tasting recently.  Seriously YUM!  These were just a few of my favorites that I chose to take a picture of...........YUM!

 The apple farm also had a rose garden which we could walk around, sit within, and take pictures of.  I snapped this one because I spied a little something in action when I went down to have a closer smell of it.   Can you spy it too?

Last weekend was homecoming over here.  Kenzie went with her good friend Jordan and about 11 other "friendly" couples.  They had a great time and we had a little photo bomber in our picture.  

Ya want to know what else I noticed in this picture?  That my eyes get smaller and squinty when my cheeks get rounder and fatter....but, dang those beers were and are sooo good!!! 

Why can't we drink what we want and eat what we want whenever we want with out any positive gains in our cheeks, butt and thighs???  Why ~ please tell me why ~ ;-)

And on another note..................................................something hubby has told me often in our relationship but I tend to scoff at it or simply ignore it;  and I quote as if he is saying it, "You can't relate because you don't have any empathy".  What?!$#  

Empathy: the ability to understand and share the feelings or attitude of another.

Empathy is the most important skill you can practice. It will lead to greater success personally and professionally and will allow you to become happier the more you practice.  That must be the key... I have to practice!

But its soooooo hard!  And that is a perfect topic for yet another post..............til then.

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