Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I want to be part of a radio show where I can share the "Average 47 year old female's point of view!!" Call ME!

In no random order the following pictures will highlight why I feel I would be an awesome radio personality.  If you have a connection to any talk show out there please call me....I am in the need of a place to voice my opinion of each and every politically incorrect issue in talk these days.

1.  I will talk beer with you even on a bad hair day.

2.  I laugh at myself and others just the same.

3.  Selfies happen

4.  I don't even care if I embarrass my own mother.

5.  Heck, I will even pose with Mary Poppins if given the chance.

6.  Beer ~ did I mention we could talk about beer?

7.  Who else roasts there beets in the shape of a heart?


9.  FroYo is a close second.

10.  I am ok with talking every subject with my kids....whether they look at me or not.

11.  Even when my kids spend a night in the ER and we learn they have a blood disorder ~ I still can get a thumb's up for a photo!  <3 p="">

12.  Biking with friends...fun but if you look closely at my bottom teeth....ScArY!!

 13.  I have a weird talent of making pancakes in the shape of butt cheeks.

I want to be YOUR sidekick on your talk/radio show!

We would have a blast and no subject would be untouched.

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