Thursday, October 20, 2016

I really just needed to post so I didn't have to see my "bad hair day while drinking" photo every time I blog hopped.....

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!!!! Eeeek!  I am always amazed as to how fast a year goes by and yet when living the day to day chores it feels like the hours crawl by so slowly sometimes too.  Life is kind of funny like that. 

One day we are babies and the next day we are high school graduates.  One day we are in college and the next day we are planning our wedding.  One day we are freaking out when that little blue line shows up on the pregnancy test and the next day we are a family of 5 who carve pumpkins together while watching Halloween movies and searching for the coolest jack o lantern face on our phone.

How did this all happen so quickly?
(and this was a year ago)

We are 11 days from yet another Halloween.  And we are moments from traveling north to spend a few days with cousins and grandpa and grandma during MEA break.  MEA-the time when teachers use to take a break from school to be educated together for a few days on more school issues.  I don't know if anyone uses the break for educational purposes any more.  Now it just seems like a time for teachers to catch up on their classroom stuff or to take a break themselves.  

Speaking of "a break"......I saw a friend at the Y this morning that I hadn't seen in months.  She asked if I was still at my preschool job or did I decide to take a break?!  Hmmmm, did she know I was just blogging about becoming the next greatest radio personality?  Did she think I was going to go on the craft beer tour of America?  (If there was such a thing ~ sign me up!)

It must have been my puzzling look that gave me away because she quickly followed up with ...."Remember when you talked about running for the local School Board but you didn't think your opinions would be well received IF you were also an employee of the district"...... OH, YEA ~ that!!

Dang.  One more great adventure that I didn't follow through with.  (I guess since it is election season,  she was probably looking for one of my signs in the local neighborhoods and since she didn't see any; she figured she should just ask.  ;-)  

See what I mean friends.  I feel like I am never content with my current state.  Whatever that may be. To be employed somewhere, full time, for more than 3 years is a record for me.  I need change.  I need involvement.  (OK, not really but if my hubby is reading he is probably laughing right now!)

Well, enough of this rambling.  I need to finish doing something before we pick up the boy and head out of town.  Except for hubby and Nicole who have to work and hang out with the animals.  They will get their time off too.....just another time.  ;-)  

Until next post.....go out there and do something.  

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