Friday, October 28, 2016

I just want to share everything.....

A few hours ago I was waking up at 5:30 AM to quickly shower and appear awake for my son's middle school "Breakfast Club".  Every other week some parents volunteer to bring donuts and drinks to school by 6:35am.  Any middle schooler who would like to join others in a little blessing/breakfast and God talk for approximately 20-25 minutes can come.  I was the parent that donated beverages today and another lovely mom brought the donuts.  All were consumed and our job was done.

We sang some songs with the kids and listened to a lovely devotional by two 6th grade girls. We cleaned up and before I knew it I was off to my local automotive shop to get the van tires rotated.  

But, NOOOO nothing can be just that simple.  The rotation was free however, the "suggestion" of needing new brakes would come with a price tag.  Always something as the saying goes.......

I asked if they could do it right then and there but they said no because they would have to get the brakes to fit the van.  I guess they just didn't have them on hand right then.  Oh well, I kind of secretly like getting second opinions anyway.....and I was off to another automotive shop.  These guys saw $$ signs I guess.  They could check the van out asap, they delivered the news and it was just about exactly what I had already heard.  New brakes were needed.  $730ish would get it done.  No time like the present!!

I finally got home around 11:00 and $740 drained from my checking account.   Hey when we drive to South Dakota in a couple of weeks I can put the pedal to the metal  relax because I know if I need to brake the brakes are in 100% working order!

Now what to do?? I am finally home alone!!!

I got the wash going and hunkered down in front of the computer to blog hop and figure out some money stuff.  What else did I do???? 

I remembered my trip to Sam's Club last night.  Ah ha!  As I was leaving there were some Cub Scouts selling million dollar popcorn.  No, I could not afford that stuff but I did buy the $20 bag ~ I mean its for those little cubbies to buy wreaths to turn around and sell during Christmas right?  Or to go on more wilderness adventures right?  (And the real kicker....... I happen to KNOW them! )Yep, what are the odds??  The Scouts selling happen to attend the same schools as my kiddos.....done and done.  

Meaning....$20 bucks of chocolate covered popcorn was purchased!! UGH! I ate some on the way was ok....not $20 amazing but more like $2 ok.  I shared some with Owen and then I decided to divided it nicely into separate snack size baggies for daily treats or cravings. Or so that was my intention......

Now I am home alone. 

I have been up since 5:30....spent lots of money on brakes and .......what do you see below??? A brake bill and empty baggies....I caved and so my stomach is caving/lurching/dying now too.  

If its in the house I will eat it!!! Why didn't I just toss it???

So now what should I do????

Probably take some lovely photo booth selfies aka MUG SHOTS..for the record.

Baggie #1

can't believe it

get the idea....


It's getting scary now...had to go with the X-ray filter.


I actually didn't eat 6 bags. 
 Whew!  I stopped at 5....because that's all there were!
I had to take #6 just to show you that its been 6 days since I have washed my hair.

Yes, I still shower ~sheesh~ I am not that gross.

Just that I put my hair up so it doesn't get wet and less time I have to spend on it each morning.

6 days people...6 lovely days...I am kind of surprised my scalp doesn't itch more.  ha.

Boom ~ Advantage to having thick, dry, and sometimes coarse takes much longer to look greasy so I can let it go like I have.  

Time to vacuum.....I love to vacuum is that weird??

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