Tuesday, October 25, 2016

I DO NOT have it all together!!!

I swear sometimes people look at me and think "She has it all together."


Do you ever feel like you are living one life on the outside and another inside?  I feel like I am in constant struggle between two people and I am making myself sick with the tug of war.

What I have been told by others ~ regarding my being and my personality:

1.  "You have the best hair!"

2.  "Your waist is so small"

3.   "You are such an EXTROVERT!"

4.  "You are so funny"

5.   Confident

6.   Bossy

7.   Controlling

8.   Opinionated

9.   Ice cream lover

10.  Fun to be around

What I feel inside ~ regarding my being and my personality:

1.  If I get cancer my hair is the first to go

2.  My waist appears smaller because my butt/thighs are bigger

3.  I need A LOT of INTROVERT/ALONE time to appear to be an extrovert for a short time

4.  You should read my thoughts.....not funny at all

5.  insecure

6.  yup

7.  at times

8.  since I can ever remember I have had an opinion on things...

9.  Ice Cream Lover forever

10.   Anyone can be fun after having a couple of beers.  ;-)

Isn't funny when you feel one way inside and others see a totally different persona on the outside.  Why is that?  Am I not being real?  Is it just our human nature to hide the stuff we think others don't really want to know, hear, or be made aware of?

Does it ever seem like every one else has it all together and YOU are the only one struggling?

Some times I feel that way.....and that is usually when I find it takes all my energy just to get to work and make it through a day with preschoolers.  Then there are the days that I thank God for those preschoolers because if it wasn't for them and that job who knows where I would be at that very moment.  ;-)

Life is crazy like that.

Feelings come and go.

Moods change.

What's important isn't really what we think.

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