Friday, September 9, 2016

Signs, notes, quotes .... when they don't do any good and when you need to act...

I am a person that needs lists, journals, tablets, and sticky notes.  In fact, I probably have way too many lying around the house and yet every time I go to Target I am drawn to the dollar corner and usually have to refrain from buying more.  

I write down quotes from books read.  I jot down notes that I want to accomplish.  I doodle tattoos that may be fun to have some day.  I have many "to do lists" that become just that...something to do at some point but never really get done.  

I find sayings that I think my girls would enjoy so I write those down too to share with them later, only and often once I do they are followed by an eye roll or a head toss and nothing more.  

I saw this picture on IG the other day and sent it to my 17 year old that has been reading more "young adult" books recently.  "Boys in Books ARE Better".  I told her that would be a great shirt for her .....I think she replied with a "thumbs up".  Guess that's good right?!

 I have notes around the house to remind myself and others in the family.  The above note is a nighttime reminder.  If the door is not shut all the way our dog will head down there while we are sleeping and eat the cats food.  He has been known to lick the bowl clean.  We know this because by morning his 10 pound tummy is bloated to a 9-month pregnant look.  (And the cats are usually meowing something fierce!)

 This is on the fridge....would you believe it has hung there for about a week and just yesterday I thought about it.  UGH! My parents live hours north.  It may be 2 days before they get something by mail and and now its Friday and I have once again forgotten.  What good was that note for any way?

These 2 notes are a bit harder to see or read.  One hangs to the side of our deck only to be "put up" when the bunny is out back so we don't let the dog out then too.  Oh, the heart attack the bunny may have.

The other is a new one.  Last week our new neighbor, whom we haven't officially met but moved in a year ago now and we wave to ~ from the back yard ~ as we mow or sit out back; came knocking at my door.  Kind of excited and kind of wondering why.....she introduced herself and then asked us to keep our dog in while she "works" in her back yard.  OOPS!?

Yes, our dog barks.  Yes, he is annoying.  And yes, he does this a lot.....its what mini dachshund's do to protect their family and to make up for their size.  She too said it was becoming a bit annoying....I apologized and told her I would.  Now, a sign hangs on our deck door to remind the family IF they are out back WE probably should NOT put Rudy a.k.a. Annoying Barker out back.  ;-(

When do signs, notes, and reminders just become invisible?

I keep my journals but I find I don't act on the script.  

Quotes lift me up for the seconds after I read them and then a cookie draws me in like a magnet and the inspirational "A moment on the lips and a lifetime on the hips" but a memory and the chocolate chip delights my lips.

I am sure people are making millions off many inspirational quotes that are framed and hung in offices around the world.

I see great quotes on shirts and I too have fallen for  their sentimental meaning....a recent favorite was..."Suck it UP Buttercup!"... so true, so true, and can be used in so many settings!

Maybe everything in life comes down to one of the first quotes I truly remember?

Maybe its not about what we read or write.

Maybe the Grinches heart really did grow 3 sizes that day?

Maybe ACTIONS do speak louder than WORDS?

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Lisa @ Lisa the Vegetarian said...

I keep a planner and keep up with it as far as trying to tell myself what to do on a day to day basis, but I agree that actions do speak louder than words! From time to time I do leave myself notes on the door or around the house, but only when something is really important for me to remember.

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