Saturday, September 3, 2016

Proof that I am not the favorite and my favorite .....

 Who would have thought such a small creature can do such evil damage?  Not me.  I mean the fur ball obviously doesn't realize that "thanks to me and my hubs" her life went from average to out of this world!!  I mean yea, we took her away from her other bunny friends, and yea she may miss the younger kids (who owned her) being loud and crazy OR she may even miss the extra 1,000 mosquitos that swarmed around the cage as it sat on the shady grass patch behind their shed but, really??????

She shows her love to me by scratching many parts of my body ~ these are the pictures I can show you ~ I didn't feel like showing my cleavage (ha!) and my stomach....ugh!  And guess what?  The scratches hurt.

The bunny duties are now entirely left up to Nicole.  Sorry Cole, but you wanted her and I tried ~ she has proven her love for you and her dislike towards me.

Something else that can't dislike me ~ unless I have too much of it and that is entirely my fault ~ is beer!  Enki Brewing in Victoria, MN to be exact.  It's about a 45 minute drive to this small little town and its simply lovely.

On a whim we decided to drive there last night when we realized we would be home alone for a few hours.  Enough looking at the walls and each other ....we would rather look at beer....and a flight of it.

Once we drank, ate, and drank some more we decided it was our way to celebrate our 21st Anniversary....yes, its exactly a week early.  Our Anniversary will be on Friday, September 9th but we will be in another city watching a cross country meet then.  Enki was the perfect "early" party for us and I even got a souvenir t-shirt too!

If you like craft beer and happen to see Enki's beer at your local liquor store try it.
We would recommend the Victoria's Gold, the Hootenanny Hefe, or the Red Ale...


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