Saturday, September 17, 2016

It's Apple Jack time again...

 I can't believe these are the only two pictures I took last year
 before the Apple Jack Cross Country meet.  

(proof once again...Owen needs to work on that smile...ha!)

The Apple Jack is our HOME hosted meet.

Hard to believe it is the 51st Apple Jack this year too.  I obviously was not around for the majority of the meets but I have been a spectator, a volunteer, the fundraiser director in years past and this year hubby and I are the Course Marshals.  Where will it end?  Maybe one year we will actually be in charge of the entire event!!  

Bwahahahaha!!  (I can pretty much say with most certainty ~ that won't happen!!)

So today my mission involves this in very random order:

1.  Take more pictures while on the course

2.  Listen really well for the gun to go off at the start...(one of my duties is to start the 2-mile clock as soon as the gun goes off)

3. Do as much as I can to see that no "lead runners" cut corners or cheat....What???$! Would high school runners actually do this?  Yea~they may.  

4.  We have had mucho rain recently and parts of the course are pretty drenched.  PRAY that no one twists an ankle or a knee in a wet spot or God help us if a runner were to fall and break something.

5.  Enjoy myself!! It's suppose to be 73 and a partly sunny ~ We couldn't ask for much better!!

Until tomorrow.....when I will be sharing some pictures from the big race!! 

Go Panthers!!

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