Sunday, August 14, 2016

UPDATES on the weekend......Am I really that bad???

Well its about that time again.  Olympic time people!! I am getting ready to sit heavy for 3 hours of fun, excitement, sweat and scream filled pleasure and the best part??? Its all free.  (kind of, I mean yea ~ we pay for cable and all but, I am not going anywhere and not spending money at the moment so I feel its free) Anyway...........

It's been awhile so, I thought I would catch you up on a few things happening around here...

1.  My ding, dang darn 8 pound dog is having a barking frenzy outside my window....and I just realized why....the ice cream truck is driving by playing their Christmas music and drawing the neighbor kids out of their houses to buy ice cream from a stranger in a pink polka dotted van.  Think about how we teach our kids to NOT be lured by strangers to a car with candy....and yet the ice cream truck lives on.  Isn't it ironic?  Don't cha think?

2.  My daughter and hubby went north for the past few days so hubs could play in a little golf tournament with his brother and nephew from Colorado.  He is 51 and enjoys coffee, doughnuts, Diet Mt. Dew,  lunches out during the work week, and craft beer on the weekend.  He doesn't exercise daily but, sometimes he thinks he can just "pick up exercise from where he left off years ago".

(Instead of gradually easing into any exercise routine I often think he just likes to "Go for it")

Hence, he had an off day after his first round and decided to try his luck at water skiing again.  I am guessing he even started on 2 skis and then dropped one so he could prove his slalom skills were still there.....I am also guessing his skills have flew the coup after a few years. ;-)

What happened?  He pulled his hamstring and thought he may have to forfeit his final rounds of golf.  But wait, just as in any infomercial..... theres more..... he sucked it up, taped his hammy, and played another round only to be outplayed by a 17 year old lassie.

Now he is drinking on a pontoon alone and my daughter is sending text after guilty text trying to convince me why I should let her bring home a bunny.  What@?!$ A bunny?  We have a dog and two cats, really a bunny??? Who knows, I am known to be a sucker for animals....

3.  My soon to be 17 yr. old (second daughter, middle child, why me?, let me be, I just wanna watch TV) daughter is giving me ulcers.  What am I doing wrong here?  Should parenting have to be this difficult?

I am an honest Abe kind of Introvert.  I love my people time in VERY SMALL AMOUNTS.  I LOVE my alone time in VERY LARGE AMOUNTS.  Looking back I did what I did in high school to fit in and push myself through some very uncomfortable times.  I guess you could say I was friends with the "popular" kids but never felt "part of their crowd".  They didn't do any thing to make me feel unwanted, odd, awkward, I just felt uncomfortable ~ most of the time.

***But, I still went to all the high school games, dances, parties, and sleep overs with my friends.  I went to their house to chat, watch tv, or "walk around".  When we actually walked around to meet friends and not look for Pokemon. ***

Now I know why I felt uncomfortable...being an introvert leads me in that direction.  Although, even when I first met my husband HE thought I was a total extrovert.  (I guess I had a lot of built up ME time and I was ready for some HE time..ha!)

My kids tend to lean toward the introvert alley too.  Totes fine.  But, still do something.  Anything that brings YOU~ HER happiness.  She just doesn't seem happy and I don't know what to do about it.  She won't share her thoughts and I probably share way too much of mine with her.

She lives in the world of technology.  Yes, I said it....a virtual world of doing, chatting, going places, and hanging out with others from the basement couch or her bedroom.  It's virtual people.  We need to interact face to face with people to get use to communicating with people.  UGH.

It's been an exhausting weekend.  Mentally more than physically but exhausting none the less.

4.  The boy.  Well, as long as I have cereal in the cupboard and milk in the fridge he is happy.  And he hangs with his buddy while hanging with me and doing his sport stuff.  I realize he is 13....not too much he can do on his own yet....but, hey not every child can give me stress right?


And ME!!

I am trying to make better food choices and to be really aware of what I am eating when I am eating.  No processed.  Less beer.  Less if any bread and MORE vegetables.  I keep thinking of turtles during this time.....slow and steady gets the job done!

Don't rush it, don't get mad if there is a set back, just keep trudging and you will get to the goal....

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