Monday, August 22, 2016

She is officially 17 and that's ONE GNARLY BRUISE!

 It took a little while for the smile to appear but when it finally did she was a very happy girl!

What is it about this guy and a Steven Universe figurine to bring out the happy grin?

Maybe it was because he also put together the biggest card ever!! Some construction paper, tape, and random photos of years ago and WaaLaa!! The Best Card ~ of course most pictures were also given a special one-liner and that totally added a few laughs from all of us.

I also got her this lovely crown.
We waited until she had showered this time before snapping a picture. 
Nicely done Kenz...You are a beautiful princess!!

 And then we were off....
About a week ago she and Nicole went to see Suicide Squad.  They both came home saying they thought it was pretty good and they really liked the music in it.  I didn't realize it was another D.C.  production with Batman, Joker and some new characters too.  I was kind of interested in seeing it myself.  ;-)  So we all went....matinee style of course.  

My review:  The music was good ~ straight from my generation!
Overall plot ~ pretty stupid
New character ~ Harley Quinn MADE.The. MOVIE! (she is the love interest of the Joker ~ a female lunatic I guess one could say)
Final grade ~ B-

And if you read my blog then you may remember I mentioned a few posts back that hubby pulled his hamstring while up north playing in a golf tournament.  (He did not pull it golfing rather he did pull it while "trying to attempt" to waterski "one last time")
and that's one gnarly bruise for the books!

P.S.  Today is just about my best day ever.....78 degrees and sunny with a 25 mph cool breeze.  Kenzie left for 3 days on a cross country "team bonding" get away, Owen is at a friends house for the afternoon, Coley started DCTC and I am doing wash, mowed the yard, played with the bunny, making STUFT Mama's "Seedy bread recipe" and enjoying my quiet time currently.  Ahhhh....

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