Thursday, August 4, 2016

Oops I did it again......

I don't know if Brittany ever forgot to take a picture of HER mother on her birthday but, yes; I did it again.  *insert sad face...kind of.  You see I am not going to take full responsibility for the mom actually states ALL.THE.TIME. how SHE HATES having her picture taken.  

(the older I get I see her point...each wrinkle, each saggy eye lid, each chin, and the loose neck skin...why do we want to save a photo of that??? unless it can be doctored up with butterflies and snapchat fun duh!)

So maybe in my weird train wreck mind set that I often have when I am home....I simply didn't take my mom's photo so I didn't have to hear her state the obvious....she hates having her picture taken. 

 I found this one in my computer from about 5 years ago....picture her now at 71...HAPPY BDay!

And speaking of SnapChat......who doesn't want to have yellow butterflies in their hair? skin is not that flawless....I have to thank SnapChat for that too....and the "real" face is farther down ..sun blotchy and all.  ;-)

So what did I take a picture of?  This group of kids in line waiting for their turn with the piñata.  What is it about a cardboard box filled with candy that brings kids of all sizes to an immediate line?
 And I did take a picture of this grandpa, my dad and my youngest niece who turns 1 tomorrow, and she also happens to be the youngest and last grandchild of the group.  A baker's dozen of grandchildren is a nice number to spoil rotten...and my parents do a fantastic job of that.

We are gearing up for the last hurrah of the summer.  Two of my three sister's and their families are coming our way on Saturday.  We will be hanging out for the night and then packing up most of us and heading to Wisconsin Dells for a few nights.  It's going to be hot.  It's going to be crazy.  I will probably have a beer in my hand most of the time and when I don't I will be sleeping.  ha!

Other than that we are still dealing with doctors, having blood draws, taking prednisone, and hoping all goes smoothly for a girl dealing with ITP ~ while on vacation.  We are getting another prescription of steroids to have extra on hand if necessary and listening to doctors orders of locating a hospital once there.

Anyone else have to do that??? Plan a vacation and then Google the closest hospital?  Oh the fun!

School supplies were also bought over the weekend....just 4 more years of doing that and then what will life be like when a September rolls around and I have no one needing tablets, pencils, folders, notecards etc.....I guess I will spend my extra money on some yummy fall craft beer.

I am beginning to see a rough pattern time=beer time, no family time=beer time....ha!

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