Friday, August 19, 2016

One is older, her name is Hazel, and the other is exhausted....

 Well, this happened one year ago tomorrow (Aug. 20th) which makes today HER last day of being 16!  There will be no cake pops tomorrow or 16 different kinds of candy to accentuate her number of years but there will be gifts.

Special birthday plates are a necessity right?

A birthday ritual (I think we all look forward to is having the birthday person choose the place to eat on their special day) I still can't believe Kenzie says "She doesn't want to go out"....what??!!%$#

All of our faces kind of look like Owen's below....
 Since when does one NOT want to go out on their birthday?  I sure hope she changes her mind because I don't want pork chops with veggies instead...

And yes, what you see is what you guessed....we caved and now we are owners of a bunny named Hazel!

 Here she is enjoying her run we made up with Nicole keeping a close eye to be sure she can't squeeze through any openings.

And after vacations, setting up the bunny hutch, and unpacking Nicole was exhausted.  I am thinking Rudy and Dora are probably wondering why we needed ANOTHER animal when we already have 3.    But in the end they don't care as long as they still have a spot to sleep themselves.  

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